Care Management

  • TriZetto delivers clinical care management solutions and care management software

    5% of patients account for almost half of all U.S. healthcare spending (1) while 1% were responsible for 22% of costs (2).

  • TriZetto provides payers with solutions to identify and manage members through claims information, and also to deploy provider-led population health and quality programs driven by clinical data.

    Positive influence over the cost and quality of care requires proactive management of individual members, populations, provider relationships, and quality programs. TriZetto care management and collaborative care solutions coordinate care for members, engage providers, and enable true collaboration.


  • TriZetto Advantage Services®

    While TriZetto’s care management solutions can help you achieve dramatic results, you’ll see results faster when you combine these solutions with TriZetto Advantage Services®. That’s because no one has more experience managing and implementing TriZetto applications than TriZetto itself. With TriZetto Advantage Services, you’ll experience easier implementations and integrated care management, smoother process transitions and faster business transformation. That translates to measurable results and a competitive edge. Learn more about TriZetto Advantage Services now.