TriZetto® Advantage Framework™

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    Build your success on TriZetto’s Advantage Framework.

    TriZetto Advantage Framework is a proprietary approach to delivering applications that helps ensure stable operations and predictable costs while accelerating implementations. Leveraging TriZetto’s extensive real-world experience in implementing more than 800 applications and managing more than 35 million lives, the TriZetto Advantage Framework approach helps reduce project costs, increase speed to market and improve results. It integrates five phases and five solution tracks with a patent-pending sequencing model to deliver the business results you demand.

    Here’s how it works:

    Five Phases.

    TriZetto Advantage Framework uses five simple phases to manage your project:

    • Align: Establish joint expectations, develop a realistic project plan and budget, and identify baseline metrics.
    • Confirm: Verify the existing work environment and define the future environment and test plans.
    • Configure: Build the proper environment and applications, convert the proper data effectively, and develop testing and training strategies.
    • Deploy: Test your solutions and prepare for the go-live.
    • Realize: Optimize and manage your solutions, to help you achieve your healthcare vision.


    Five Solution Tracks.

    TriZetto Advantage Framework’s structured activities deliver measurable outcomes and improvement in all five of our solution tracks:

    • Strategy Acceleration and Business Transformation: Drive business transformation by improving operations from top to bottom.
    • Technology and Operations: Determine a predictable and realistic total cost of operation.
    • Application Enablement and Testing: Leverage your existing technology to transform your business operations.
    • Change and Education Management: Gain tools and techniques to evaluate readiness and training, boosting end-user adoption.
    • Delivery Leadership: Develop and monitor accountability for project delivery.


    Event Sequencing.

    TriZetto Event Sequencing connects all the steps of your project in a precise and logical process:

    • Event Sequence Links: Work activities that intersect a phase and solution track.
    • Event Sequence Chain: A linked pathway that identifies necessary project checkpoints and helps ensure that you complete all steps in one phase before moving on to the next phase.

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    Together, we can move forward in the "new world"

    It's a "new world" for payers, physicians and health systems. We must find new ways to improve efficiency, achieve compliance, align incentives, remain agile and collaborate to improve and drive meaningful change. TriZetto has a vision.