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  • Stay flexible with business process outsourcing management by TriZetto. Business Process Services, New Challenges, New Solutions.

    In a healthcare market that is rapidly changing, you have to be flexible in order to compete effectively. Flexibility enables you to reach the market faster, add specialty skills when called for, and reduce administrative costs by paying only for what you need. For payers who need more flexibility, TriZetto delivers industry-leading business process outsourcing business management services.

    TriZetto Business Process Services let you outsource a wide range of tasks and processes, including enrollment, claims administration, billing and more. TriZetto Business Process Services serve more than 75 clients annually, helping these organizations:

    • Reduce the cost of claims processing by as much as 40%.
    • Increase procedural accuracy typically to 99.4%.
    • Reach financial accuracy of as much as 99.6%.
    • Lower overall core administration expenses by an average of 20%.