TriZetto CareAdvance Enterprise®

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  • Benefits of TriZetto CareAdvance Enterprise

    With CareAdvance you can:

    • Reduce costs by streamlining member interactions with care managers, providers and family members.
    • Improve results by systematically embedding care management into broader benefit and incentive structures.
    • Drive efficiency by facilitating clinical and personal management of general health information.
    • Enhance productivity through streamlined workflows and processes in utilization, disease and care management.
    • Improve quality of care by delivering targeted wellness services and personal health information to your members.
    • Scale easily to serve more than 40 million lives and 5,000 concurrent clinical users.

    With five patents awarded and six patents pending, the TriZetto CareAdvance Enterprise applications provide a single, integrated platform on which you can transform care management from a traditional health-plan-focused model to a data-driven enterprise activity. CareAdvance Enterprise comprises three solutions, including:

    • TriZetto Clinical CareAdvance®, bringing automation to a wide range of clinical care management functions.
    • TriZetto Personal CareAdvance®, providing members with Web-enabled access to care information.


  • TriZetto Advantage Services®

    While TriZetto’s CareAdvance Enterprise solution can help you achieve dramatic results, you’ll see results faster when you combine the solution with TriZetto Advantage Services®. That’s because no one has more experience managing and implementing TriZetto applications than TriZetto itself. With TriZetto Advantage Services, you’ll experience easier implementations and integrations, smoother process transitions and faster business transformation. That translates to measurable results and a competitive edge. Learn more about TriZetto Advantage Services now.