Provider Partnerships

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  • Why We’re Better for TriZetto Provider Partners

    TriZetto Provider Solutions helps practice management system and EHR vendors deliver more value to their clients with a comprehensive suite of revenue cycle management solutions designed to help providers navigate the new era of healthcare.

    TriZetto Provider Solutions is the trusted revenue cycle management partner for more than 200,000 providers across the United States. TriZetto Provider Solutions physician offices and health systems tools go beyond traditional clearinghouse and EDI offerings to identify opportunities to better maximize their revenue, reduce the number of days claims spend in accounts receivable, and reduce administrative hassles.

    TriZetto Provider Solutions preferred partner program also give you the tools and support you need to help stand out in a competitive industry through:

    • Smooth integration. TriZetto Provider Solutions offers full technical integration with your software, so there’s no need for your clients to leave your application.
    • Implementation management. A dedicated team takes responsibility for various aspects of implementation to make the process easy for you and your providers, including handling all the payer enrollment paperwork.
    • Dedicated customer support. TriZetto Provider Solutions handles 100% of all training and first-level customer support. A proactive customer service team anticipates claims issues and works to solve them before they disrupt your clients’ revenue cycle.
    • Payer collaboration. Leveraging strong relationships with thousands of payers nationwide, TriZetto Provider Solutions acts as your clients’ liaison to resolve claims issues on their behalf.
    • Preferred partner program. Our partners can participate in a revenue sharing program, which includes additional technical and communications support from a team of specialists.
    • Client performance data. A partner portal gives you 24/7, easy access to client data, including claims’ status, acceptance rates and rejections.
    • Maximized flexibility. TriZetto Provider Solutions tools handle any type of claim format, including print image, NSF and all ANSI formats.

  • Together, we can move forward in the "new world"

    It's a "new world" for payers, physicians and health systems. We must find new ways to improve efficiency, achieve compliance, align incentives, remain agile and collaborate to improve and drive meaningful change. TriZetto has a vision.