NetworX Pricer®

  • medium-woman-two-men-jpg-362x246Automate claims pricing to reduce costs and increase accuracy.

    As hospital and provider contracts grow more complex, many claims systems can’t keep up. To price claims, many payers are forced to rely on time-consuming manual processes, resulting in lost productivity, more errors and greater cost.

    TriZetto® NetworX Pricer® delivers greater efficiency, speed and accuracy.

    TriZetto provides an easy-to-use solution in TriZetto® NetworX Pricer®, a Java-based application that integrates with TriZetto and non-TriZetto core claims administration systems. The NetworX Pricer application automates claims pricing for even the most complex provider contracts. With this patented and patent-pending application, you can manage more sophisticated contracts easily, process claims faster, minimize inconsistencies and reduce errors. With NetworX Pricer you can:

    • Improve administrative efficiency, regardless of the number or complexity of your provider contracts.
    • Automate claims pricing. Many health plans using the NetworX Pricer application are achieving up to 90 percent automation, with some approaching 100 percent.
    • Minimize labor costs, with fewer manual process and higher auto-adjudication rates. Clients report labor cost-savings of 50 percent and more in provider contract set-up and maintenance.
    • Process contract changes more quickly and accurately.
    • Reduce expenses by avoiding the financial penalties typically levied when claims are paid late and making fewer overpayments.
    • Support ICD-10 compliance regulations.
    • Improve provider satisfaction with timely, accurate claims pricing.

  • TriZetto Advantage Services®

    TriZetto’s NetworX Pricer application can help you achieve dramatic results, but you’ll see results faster when you combine this solution with TriZetto Advantage Services®. That’s because no one has more experience managing and implementing TriZetto applications than TriZetto itself. With TriZetto Advantage Services, you’ll experience easier implementations and integrations, smoother process transitions and faster business transformation. That translates to measurable results and a competitive edge. Learn more about TriZetto Advantage Services now.



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