Payer & Provider Collaboration

  • TriZetto healthcare reform and population health management


    Real-time connectivity helps reduce cost and improve the quality of care.

    One of the many expected results of healthcare reform is greater collaboration and connectivity between payers and providers: an important step in reducing costs and improving the quality of care. Greater connectivity can enable payers and providers to exchange information in real-time. That means both payers and providers can collect, verify and correct information at the beginning of a transaction, virtually eliminating the need to revisit that transaction later. Of course, real-time connectivity requires sophisticated solutions. That’s where TriZetto can help.

    TriZetto can help you collaborate and connect more easily.


    TriZetto offers a broad set of solutions that payers and providers can use to improve collaboration, exchange data in real-time, and support successful value-based care-delivery models.

    With TriZetto solutions, payers can:

    • Reduce operating expense.
    • Minimize calls related to claim errors.
    • Improve first-pass rates, reducing rework.
    • Authorize care more efficiently.
    • Improve provider satisfaction.

    For providers, TriZetto’s solutions help:

    • Improve accuracy and efficiency in payments, helping reduce bad debt.
    • Reduce the cost of health insurance claims processing.
    • Increase employee productivity.
    • Reduce delays in delivery of care.