Payer Provider Collaboration

  • Our fragmented and disconnected healthcare industry requires new approaches to reduce complexity and deliver high-quality, affordable healthcare. In today’s environment, transactions aren't coordinated, and information gets siloed, leading to inefficiencies, redundancies and sometimes poor care coordination - resulting in a frustrating consumer experience.

    Old technologies and processes are manually intensive, not integrated into workflows and introduce re-work that simply takes too much time and effort.

    New capabilities help payers and providers to work more effectively together by monitoring, catching and fixing issues before they create problems downstream. This reduces the chance for payment errors, decreases the time that providers wait for payment, and increases overall system efficiency.

    Pilot Program
    In collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, numerous physician practices, and several electronic health record technology partners, TriZetto has established a pilot program that, for the first time, introduces true collaborative technologies that help payers and providers work more effectively together.

    Early indications point to improved billing accuracy and increased patients' satisfaction by providing reliable estimates of their healthcare costs. Providers find they spend less time resolving billing questions and collection issues and more time caring for patients.

    Collaboration has the potential to benefit all parties by sharing information in real-time that keeps providers focused on care, educates patients on the cost of care and reduces manual and phone interventions seen by plans, helping to make them more efficient and competitive.

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